Easy DIY Light Box

I spent hours on Google looking for simple DIY Light Boxes, there were so many tutorials, but none of them seemed easy enough. It shouldn’t be that hard! Plus I needed something cheap, something quick, and something that could be packed away and thrown in the cupboard when I’m not using it (without the fear that someone will crush it or tear delicate tissue paper).

This lead me to closing Google, and instead, taking a trip to that magical place called Bunnings. For non Australians, Bunnings is a superstore warehouse for all things hardware related.

5 minutes and less than $30 later, I walked out with a fantastic set up that requires no crafting, no gluing, and can be stored easily.

My super easy light box  has proved to be amazing, I’ve sat and taken more than 300 product photos in the past 24 hours without needing to worry about the horrid weather raging outside.

1 x 50 liter storage box – Clear, Frosted. ($7.95ea)
2 x 150 w work lamps ($10.90ea)
1 x A3 white paper (on hand)
TOTAL COST: $29.75

All I have done is turned the box on its side, put the lights at the appropriate direction for what I’m photographing, and voila! Done!

Happy product photography!!!

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