The Creative Process – Clay Slabs

Part of the joy of making polymer clay jewellery is the creation of the slabs. Don’t they look fun to make (see images below)? Well, yes! They are! So much fun, it is my favorite part of the whole creative process. Picking colours that harmonise and then putting them together into a pattern, detailing, and ultimately creating the jewellery ready for baking, it is satisfying in a way that is hard to describe. The best way I can explain it is a bit like that feeling when you have your new baby with you, and everyone tells you how beautiful s/he is, and you feel so proud because you made that!!! *GRIN*

Fun as they are, these slabs are very time consuming too! It can sometimes take an hour [or more] to condition the clay for the backing enough for it to be rolled out smoothly, and without cracking – it is extra important for this step to be completed correctly, because the strength of the whole design rests on it. After that the colourful leaves and flowers of a ditsy style floral need to be conditioned, cut, placed, and then detailed – it is like painting a picture, but using clay instead of paints.

Each of these clay slabs below took somewhere between 4-6 hours to make. But the end result is worth every single second, in my opinion anyway! As far as an exercise in mindfulness and meditation goes, this one is my favorite to do, there is no room to worry when you are carefully cutting, and placing tiny little flowers, suddenly the world is a much calmer and simpler place.

I hope you enjoy seeing the beauty of an uncut polymer clay slab. You can see the end results online now at our Etsy


20180611_145911_resized copy20180609_123013_resized copy20180609_190734_resized copy20180610_143423_resized copy

20180611_121229_resized copy
Top to Bottom: Woodland Floral | Liberty Floral | Tropical Floral | Forget-Me-Not | Ditsy Spring

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