Who is Kat and who is the Steve she loves?

Earring21_KatLovesSteve15 copy.jpg

Hi there! I’m Kat!! *WAVES* Yep, that’s me, up there in that photo, it is one of my favorite photos ever, as my then 8 year old son posed and photographed me himself.

I am a wife to Steve and love him dearly, a mum, and a creative misfit. We live way out in the country, and I’d not have it any other way, the peace gives me time to think, to draw ideas in my mind, and then to spend hours researching how to make them become reality!

Steve is the love of my life. We have been married since 2001, and have 2 sons, and dozens of animals. After having our children, I never returned to full time work, choosing instead to run my own business, which my hubby joined me in. For 6 years we were wedding photographers and had a wonderful time doing that! But unfortunately in 2014 I had a bad car accident and I was unable to continue with the high amount of fitness needed to shoot long hours with heavy equipment, and so we closed our business in 2015.

I had a small jewellery business many years ago, selling mostly on Ebay and making earrings from seed beads and crystals which were popular with brides. But they were not the style that I myself loved and would wear with excitement. I’m a pretty boring normally, but I love for my jewellery to be funky and chunky! I’m a dangles girl, with statement studs and bold colours for good measure and everyday wear.

So that brings me to now.

Earrings are my go to accessory, I often find myself going out without any make up, running my fingers through my hair instead of a brush, and wearing the boring old clothes (normally jeans) I wore the last time I went out. But I always feel okay if I’ve got something pretty in my ears, and why not?!!

So here we go, this is how Kat Loves Steve was created! A love of my family, meets a love of fun and funky jewellery, meets a love of making and creating. I hope you love what I make, and add a little piece of me, and mine, to your life!

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Photo by the amazing Lisa K!