How to leave feedback on Etsy

While feedback is optional, it really helps both the seller, and buyers to have a good experience. When you leave feedback about a sale, you indicate whether the experience was positive, negative, or neutral. Other Etsy users can then view this feedback to determine whether a particular seller is reliable, so I honestly do appreciate it when you take the time to let others know that you enjoyed you purchase.

If you would take a few minutes to leave a review of your Etsy purchase it is so greatly appreciated! If you are unsure how simple it is to do, just follow these 6 easy steps to leave feedback.


01. Sign in to your Etsy account, and then click the Your Account link along the top of any Etsy page.

02. Click the Purchases and Reviews link on the left side of the screen.

03. Click the Positive, Neutral, or Negative option button under the transaction you want to rate. If you feel as though your experience was negative, please first see if we can sort out whatever issue is concerning you. Disappointment or conflicts on Etsy are often simply the result of a misunderstanding and I’d love the chance to resolve it!

04. Type a comment about the transaction or the seller. If you think the item is fantastic, please make my day by saying something extra-nice in the comment field. *SMILE*

05. Upload a photo of your purchase (this is totally OPTIONAL and only available from a computer, but really appreciated). I really love it if you share a photo of your item! This photo may be an image of you wearing and enjoying the item you bought, a photo of the item in its new home. Appreciation photos are a great way to share a little love on Etsy! To upload an appreciation photo, just click the Browse button; then locate and select the photo on your computer.

06. Click Submit and Etsy posts your feedback on the site.

Thank you so much! Feedback is always appreciated, especially when we have been able to have a great experience together.