How to take care of your jewellery

We do our best to make sure your jewellery reaches you in the best of conditions, and we want to make sure that it stays that way for your enjoyment. Please have a read through the following tips to help make sure that your jewellery can be with you for a long time.


01. Laser cut acrylic, and polymer clay items are durable, but they are not indestructible. We advise keeping them in the box when you are not wearing them. Please, do NOT layer it into a communal box, as you will end up with scratches and marks from other items rubbing against it, mirrored acrylic is especially prone to scratches and this can ruin the look of your pieces.

02. Do please be careful when putting on jumpers or jackets, handbags, or hugging your loved ones that you don’t snag your items, or apply excess pressure on them. Larger statement pieces can be fragile. The easiest way to break your jewellery is to drop it or apply too much pressure to it, so be wary of across body bags, seat belts and standing on your jewellery! OOOOOPS!

03. Try not to get your jewellery wet. Acrylic and Polymer should handle getting wet during the occasional and unavoidable drenching from a passing storm, but any items with wooden pieces should be carefully dried off immediately to stop warping. Please remove your jewellery before showering, and especially before swimming, it is *allergic* to chlorinated water. The findings we use are plated, so please note they will tarnish over time, but following this and the other tips here will also help them to remain in the best condition for as long as possible.

04. Be careful with deodorants, perfumes, sunscreen, makeup, moisturizers, and other sprays such as insect repellent and hairsprays. They can sometimes react with the acrylic, polymer clay, and the metals, causing tarnishing, discoloration, or texture changes. It is always best to put your jewellery on last, after all the finishing touches.

05. If your jewellery is getting a bit dirty from general wearing,  fingerprints, or a bit of dust, then use a nice soft cloth (the kind you get with a pair of glasses is the best) to polish these off. Remember that acrylic scratches easily so be careful not to use anything that is dirty and may leave scrapes on your pretty jewellery. You can use a damp cloth to remove stubborn stains on acrylic and polymer clay components. If they are looking a bit tired, a baby wipe gently rubbed over them gives them a lovely clean and refresh.

The most important, and very general tip is inclusive of all the above too. Treat your items with love and care, and you will have fun and bright statement pieces that look awesome for ages to come. *SMILE*